Aaron Monaghan


Aaron Monaghan: Fighting Talk and Picking Parts

The Druid stalwart nearly gave up acting in the wake of DruidMurphy but he’s kept working to improve himself and his art. “It’s like sparring,” he […]

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol review: ghosts of Christmas classic. The invention at the heart of this show makes it an excellent way to introduce the spookiest of […]

Cavan Theatre Festival

Cavan Theatre Festival kicks off this evening with a little something for every theatre goer, performing arts and music lover. 

Youth Theatre in Ireland, an undervalued resource?

Enda Walsh, Gerry Stembridge, Veronica Coburn, Killian Murphy, Eileen Walsh, Aaron Monaghan, Louise Lowe, Paul Mercier, Aidan Kelly, Liam Neeson…. The list goes on. Theatre practitioners […]